Blog post on the challenge of being a regulatory board member

The unique challenges of being a regulatory board member

If you sit on the Board of a regulator, congratulations! You are probably overworked, under-compensated, little appreciated and not understood. After all, regulatory Boards are strange creatures. Whilst they often look like Boards of corporate entities, their remit isn’t to increase profits but to reduce harm. In a company, profit is easily measured and seen. In a regulator, however, harm […]

What is compliance planning

Compliance Planning: Allocating scarce resources to the issues you care about

One of the main challenges for regulators is how to stretch our resources to adequately cover our responsibilities. Compliance planning is an essential tool for meeting these challenges. Where are you going to put your regulatory efforts? How much capacity do you have? Where do you put your energy to minimise harm? How do you communicate your plan so duty […]

Daniel Katz Chair of the Rainforest Alliance on driving impact through markets

Can We Really Drive Impact Through Markets?

William the Conqueror, great lover of hunting, is credited as establishing England’s forest laws to protect game animals and their habitat from destruction. It was an early example of government establishing laws to protect the natural environment and food systems and avoid the tragedy of the commons, where cumulative impacts of individuals harm the whole community. More than 800 years […]

Economic regulation with Simon Corden

Is Economic Regulation Just About Markets? Regulating to Protect Consumers and Vulnerable Populations

The Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman famously said that the business of business is business, and that business’s only social responsibility is to increase profits within the rules of the game. Those rules contribute to the science and art of economic regulation, addressing market failures or, alternatively, making markets work better. Economic regulation is effectively government-sponsored intervention in market […]

culture corruption risk management

Is Culture really a Soft Skill? Culture as a Defence Against Corruption

Culture is the currency of delivery The Royal Commission into Banking Misconduct revealed many instances of systematic corruption, from employees setting up fraudulent loans, to opening children’s accounts to meet targets for bonuses. Commissioner Hayne recommended that organisations assess their culture. Philosopher Amelie Rortywrote about corruption in a 1998 essay which started, ‘Nothing is more natural than sliding down the […]

Strategic planning in complex organisations

Where are We Going? Building Strategy in Complex Organisations

There are different schools of thought when it comes to strategy. Some say strategy is simply planning: defining the outcomes you want—being mindful of the organization’s capabilities and culture—then charting a course for how you’re going to get there. Others say it is positioning how you are to compete, or sidestep your competition, or align your efforts to seize opportunity. […]