Strategic planning in complex organisations

Where are We Going? Building Strategy in Complex Organisations

There are different schools of thought when it comes to strategy. Some say strategy is simply planning: defining the outcomes you want—being mindful of the organization’s capabilities and culture—then charting a course for how you’re going to get there. Others say it is positioning how you are to compete, or sidestep your competition, or align your efforts to seize opportunity. […]

Red Tape, Regulation and Regulatory Practice

Red Tape and Beige Tape: Is Regulation a Dead Weight on the Economy?

How do we define red tape when talking about regulation? Have you ever heard of beige or grey tape? I spoke about these terms, as well as whether regulation is a burden or a benefit with Chris Webb, Executive Director Regulatory Practice and Strategy at the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Victoria.   Eliminating red tape How do regulators—that arm of […]